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  1. Sophie Vanhomwegen lives and works in Brussels. She studied Fine Arts at KASK Ghent (2006 - 2011) and followed a post-academic program in Sint-Lukas Brussel (2011 - 2013). 

    Her work consists mainly of collages on paper and digital works (prints, video, sound). She uses collage techniques to generate an alienating and highly surrealistic universe that reflects on the overflow of manipulated images surrounding us. The constant exposure to a huge amount of - in her eyes - disturbing imagery in advertisement (magazines, posters, television) triggers and pushes her to work with these images. 

    Advertisement creates perceived needs and abuses our subconscious. The artist reflects on these matters by changing roles. She becomes the one who manipulates the images instead of being manipulated. In the process of deconstruction and reconstruction her intention is to give a different reading on the messages carried by the images she uses. The artist criticises the absurdness of repetitive messages spread through advertisement by revealing the act of manipulation instead of trying to hide it.